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    Whether your role is giving legal advice, providing financial services or performing the finance and administration tasks for your organisation, you need to focus on the tasks that deliver the most value. Your time is valuable, and if you spend it doing tasks that are repetitive, take too long or aren't your speciality, then you are wasting money and time. Our role is to automate and support those tasks, leaving you free to concentrate on the tasks that you do best.


    Based in Sydney, our team has decades of combined industry experience. Our experience working in law, accountancy and financial firms since the 1980s means that we know the daily issues that our clients face, and their solutions. In today's rapidly evolving regulatory and technical environments, we can assist you to meet your goals in a flexible, efficient and cost-effective way. We concentrate on what we do well so that you can concentrate on what you do well.


    We specialise in developing software, supplying software, and supporting that software. Our focus is assisting legal, professional and financial firms.


    We offer a range of services including:

    • Accounting & finance software (Actionstep, 3E and many others)
    • Document management software (NetDocuments)
    • Web & mobile apps
    • Reporting 
    • Database migration, integration and analysis
    • Project management
  • Data Migration Services

    Why fail at the beginning? Get the experience to save you time and money on your project

    Data migration services

    Move your legacy data to your new system as if it had always been there.

    With over 2 decades of experience in over 20 data migrations at many of the largest law firms in the world, we can help you plan your data migration, assist you to extract data from your legacy systems and transform it for loading into the new system, then ensure it is properly balanced and reconciled.


    We can provide:

    • High speed 3E conversion using web services
    • Validation of Aderant and 3E migrations
    • Strategy consulting on migrations
    • Experience with a large range of legacy systems, including Locus, Aderant, BHL, Perfect Office, Enterprise, Elite, Amicus
  • Aderant development and support

    Show off your projects, features, or clients in this section.

    A decade of experience, empowering your Law Firm

    With experience in Aderant since 2000, our aim is to help your firm achieve the quickest, most cost-effective implementations of this powerful product.

    • Reporting
    • EDG
    • Customisation
    • Workflow
    • Analysis
    • Planning
  • Elite 3E development and support

    Show off your projects, features, or clients in this section.

    A decade of experience in 3E

    With experience in 3E since it first became public, our aim is to help your firm achieve the quickest, most cost-effective implementations of this powerful product.


    Migration - traditional and high-speed

    • Reporting
    • EDG
    • Customisation
    • Workflow
    • Analysis
    • Planning


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    Oliver Townshend

    Oliver Townshend

    Business Analyst

    Project Management



    Oliver has extensive experience working in the Legal Industry.


    Since 1999 he has worked on over 20 data migrations. As well as providing Migration services, he is available to consult on your firm's Data Migration Strategies, Implementation and Quality Assurance.


    He is also available for 3E custom development and reporting. With special in-house development tools, Entasker can rapidly develop solutions ensuring project delivery dates.


    Vernon D'Lima

    Software Developer




    Vernon is a specialist web application developer, and business intelligence report writer.


    He is available for your ad-hoc reporting requirements or bespoke custom developments.

    SSRS Specialist
    MVC, C#, ASP.Net

    Excel, Word

    Andrew Partridge

    Senior Developer




    Andrew is a SQL Server data warehouse, dimensional modelling and reporting expert, with finely honed skills in TSQL, SSIS, SSRS, C# .NET, MVC/Razor, and Power BI. He is also experienced in VBA Microsoft Office automation, Javascript, ThreeJS, Unity and Splunk.


    Andrew has a PhD in Computer Science, and has lectured on Programming Languages, System Performance Evaluation, and Productivity Tools at the University of Tasmania and at James Cook University.


    In whatever spare time he has, Andrew invents and is a fan of opera.

    Tony Calder

    Sales and Support




    Tony has extensive experience in many facets of IT and in sales.


    He is the primary contact for Actionstep and is available to answer any questions and to come to your office and provide a demonstration.

    Liam Bomford


    Liam is an experienced programmer, specialising in Mobile applications, .Net and web services.


    Code Legal Pty Limited trading as Entasker

    ABN 42109375064

    Unit 11, Level 3, 88 Pitt St

    Sydney NSW 2000


    e: info@entasker.com

  • ESM Source Management

    Why Source Code Management?

    How do you protect the IP in your Source Code?

    Are you a developer in a large Law Firm using Source Code Control? Does it rock? Is it the latest technology, with support for branching, merging and the cloud?


    Are you a manager in a large Law Firm wondering how to assess your development staff? And how to get an overview of code for projects, how to manage those projects and whether your developers - internal and external - are following best practice?


    Are you a partner in a large Law Firm curious about the IT department, and whether the processes within your Practice Management System and other IT Systems are properly protected and managed?


    Are you an auditor for a large legal firm, wondering how to do due diligence on the developers?

    Without a firm-wide integrated Source Code Control system, none of this will be possible.


    A Source Code Control System is a necessity in modern development systems.


    Developers need it for the practicalities of Version Control - to collaborate on work with both internal and external developers, to manage multiple versions of code, and to backup and restore code.


    Management needs it for both compliance and management, to examine the code for a given version of software, to manage releases, to assess the quality and quantity of code, to gather metrics of the internal and external developers, and so that deployment of upgrades from suppliers without incident.


    But the leading systems for law firms (3E, Aderant) don't provide links to modern Source Code Control systems, those supplied are simplistic and unintegrated. They often integrate to external systems, which either do not provide a system or have a different one. Within 3E, there is one system for the original objects and another for EDG tools.

    Secure your organisation's Intellectual Property (IP)

    In addition to source code, other information maintained in the system database - primarily setups - aren't held in any wholistic, auditable fashion. They also cannot be integrated easily into a project, so that deployment is a two part process, firstly code and then of re-entering setups. Any error in re-doing these setups can have unintended consequences.

    A holistic approach to projects would recognise that the code, that configurations need to be copied through, that documentation needs to be added to the intranet, that external integrations need to be tracked and maintained.

    Shouldn't your firm have a system that can do all of this? The answer is ESM. A range of tools for today's Law Firm. Control, Management and Analysis. In one package.

    Register today.

  • CodeLegal

    Secure your organisation's Intellectual Property (IP)